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Concerned Persons Support Group - Minneapolis-St. Paul LJ Users

About Concerned Persons Support Group

Previous Entry Concerned Persons Support Group Jun. 27th, 2008 @ 12:29 am Next Entry
Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know of a great new group being offered in the Twin Cities.

The Concerned Persons Support Group is run by the Rape & Sexual Abuse Center, part of the Neighborhood Involvement Program.
It is aimed toward loved ones [friends, family, partners] of victims/survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault. They have developed an excellent set of new workshops which will provide information, support and answers to your questions.

The workshops begin on Wednesday, July 23, and continue every Wednesday throughout the summer.

7/23/08: Introductions and the Basics
What are the rape statistics? How often does it happen and to whom? What are some myths and facts about sexual assault? All of these questions will be addressed as well as an outline of a common survivor’s recovery process.

7/30/08: Understanding Common Feelings
How can you effectively understand the feelings of a survivor? What does it mean to validate feelings? Learn the concept of empowerment and what can trigger some of these emotions.

8/6/08: Working with the Legal System
What are the different elements of the legal process related to sexual assault? When/how do you prosecute? Learn effective ways in which you can support the survivor, including coping with your own feelings of injustice.

8/13/08: Healthy Boundaries & Respecting Your Needs
How much is too much to give? Learn how to set boundaries as a means of respect, which will allow the survivor to regain their sense of self-control and independence.

8/20/08: Emotional Burnout & How to Avoid it
What should you do when you feel like you can’t give anymore? Learn effective strategies to guide the survivor towards utilizing their own power. Develop your ability to provide foundational support without focusing solely on the assault. Learn some important self-care strategies for yourself as well as the survivor.

8/27/08: Transition from Victim to Survivor
Is he/she ever going to get over it? Are things ever going to be the way they used to be? This section will confront hard questions and help develop the processes that
transform feelings of being a victim to acknowledging that he/she is a survivor.

All workshops will begin at 6:00 p.m. on the dates listed above at the Rape and Sexual Abuse Center, a branch of the Neighborhood Involvement Program. All workshops are free of charge and open to the public. No pre-registration is necessary. You can attend any or all of the workshops.

We are located in Uptown at 2431 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, 55405.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 612-374-9077 [TTY: 612-337-4163] or check out our website at http://www.neighborhoodinvolve.org/rsac.

The Rape and Sexual Abuse Center also offers many services to survivors of sexual violence, such as sliding-scale fee counseling, a 24-hour crisis line (612-825-HELP) and free support groups. If interested in these services, you may contact us at 612-374-9077.

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